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    Founded, December 15, 2010    "A family press dedicated to publishing the creative spirits in all families."


Fallen Bros Press is a family-owned and operated press which was conceived as an outlet for the work of those creative writers descended from Dr. William A. Meis, Sr., a.k.a. Doc Doggerel, but currently publishes the creative spirits in all families. Dr. Meis spent his life as a dentist, but in his private time, he wrote fascinating, off-the wall, entertaining, political, social and philosophical limericks—humorous, ethereal commentary on the world and people he observed in his everyday life. He continued to write until his death on June 13th, 2010, at 93. Although he was often published in regional newspapers under the rubric "Meis's Peices," he enjoyed the process of writing with little concern about whether he became known or not. He simply loved to write.

"It doesn’t hurt to toot your own horn.

'cause treading the boards on the stage of life

means you'll be encountering occasional strife.

So calling upon ego when feeling flat,

Well, you really need not be a Freud of that."

- Dr. William A. Meis, Sr.


 Recent Releases:


Béla’s Story: A Brave Journey Through Unforgiving Times by Rita Schinnar, and William A. Meis Jr. (Memoir)

Born into a family of modest means in a small village in eastern Hungary, Béla Izsák hardly expected any great adventures. As things turned out, the deck was stacked against him from the start and Béla’s life became a dramatic journey constantly endangered by forces beyond his control. The political struggles in Europe that brought wars, persecution, and dislocation affected Béla directly, and being Jewish created experiences that were doubly challenging. Each time when Béla’s dream to be in charge of his own life was realized, Béla was forced to move to new places, from Europe to the Middle East to the US. He was forced to adjust to new cultures. He was forced to be resilient and brave, and accept with amusement, but never with complete resignation, that, “Man proposes and God disposes.” Béla’s story is a sad reflection on the senseless arbitrariness with which political regimes treat their populations and the capacity of humans to cause unbearable suffering. But ultimately, Béla’s story is a testament to the human spirit that can overcome adversity.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9976728-1-7  Fallen Bros Press

184 pages $14.95

 Literary Collections:

Down in Cuba by Vincent Meis (Romance/Rainbow)

Martin Vandenberg has a routine marriage and an unremarkable career as a professor of Latin American Studies at a small southern California college. To save himself from the ennui of mid life, he heads to Cuba on sabbatical where he will write a book about Cuban icon, José Martí. Soon after arriving in Cuba, he is led into the underground world of Havana’s Malecón where he comes face to face with his long-sheltered sexual feelings. Leo Flores is a young, unemployed artist adept at the Cuban game of love and survival. With both men longing to be free, though in very different ways, the things they do to help each other are also the things that can destroy them.

Fallen Bros Press 343 pages $14.99 e-Book Available

Eddie's Desert Rose by Vincent Meis (Mystery/Rainbow)

It is the 1980’s and everyone is trying to get ahead. In EDDIE’S DESERT ROSE American brothers, Dave and Eddie Bates, seek their fortune as guest workers in Saudi Arabia. Eddie rebels against the restrictions of life in the Kingdom, and on one of his adventures out into the desert he befriends a man who takes him to meet a Saudi prince. The next day he turns up dead.

ISBN: 1463746814 Fallen Bros Press 245 pages $12.05

e-Book Available

Masques by Stefany Anne Golberg (Literary Collections/Essays)

A collection of highly readable selected literary essays from the writer. artist and filmmaker Stefany Anne Golberg on our perceptions of reality and artiface.

ISBN-13: 978-0692427835 Fallen Bros Press 198 pages $9.95

Ruins by Morgan Meis (Literary Collections/Essays)

A collection of selected essays from one of America's best essayists (winner of an Andy Warhol Foundation Grant and a Whiting Foundation Award). A poignant, personal and philosophical rumination on art, culture, politics and the transitory and illusory nature of time.

ISBN-13: 978-0615751740 Fallen Bros Press 156 pages $9.95

The Innocents by William A. Meis, Jr. (Mystery/Religion)

This first book in the Peter Paderewski S. J. Mystery Series, tells the story of what happens when Paderewski discovers an abandoned, apparently dead, baby on his doorstep. When it turns out that the baby is, in fact, miraculously alive, Paderewski attempts to do the right thing and find the baby’s parents, but his investigation takes him down a twisted, winding trail of murder, terror and betrayal haunted by Satanic threats, his Church’s past scandals, and Paderewski’s own personal demons.

ISBN-13: 978-0615976631 Fallen Bros Press 282 pages $12.95

e-Book Available

The Passion of Muhammad Shakir

by Guillermo Bosch (Politics/Thriller)

A fable based on a true story concerning the final days of a horribly wounded prisoner undergoing interrogation, humiliation and degradation in a mysterious prison for a crime he may or may not have committed, as well as the memories that sustain him during his ordeal.

ISBN-13: 978-0615763095 Fallen Bros Press 200 pages $9.95


Stanley K. Sheinbaum: A 20th Century Knight's Quest for Peace, Civil Liberties and Economic Justice by Stanley K. Sheinbaum, and William A. Meis Jr.(Memoir/Politics)

The memoir of an exceptional man who began life as an unexceptional young boy growing up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan when the Crash of 1929 brought disaster, but whose later life reads like a chronicle of major events of the late 20th century. Secret CIA involvement in Vietnam, running for Congress, organizing Daniel Ellsberg's defense for the Pentagon Papers trial, engineering freedom for Andreas Papandreou jailed by a Greek military junta about to execute him. He married Betty Warner, daughter of Harry Warner of Warner Bros., then he and Betty became the nexus of a powerful group of liberal Hollywood notables essential to the campaigns of Eugene McCarthy, George McGovern, Bill Clinton and so many others. Stanley personally committed to seeking peace in the Middle East and was vilified for his contacts with Yassar Arafat which led to the Oslo Accords. He later became president of the Los Angeles Police Commission and was instrumental in removing the infamous L.A.Police Chief, Daryl Gates. Includes numerous photos of significant events and the people who made them so.

ISBN-13: 978-0615751740 Fairtree/Fallen Bros Press

190 pages $9.95

Tio Jorge by Vincent Meis (Mystery/Rainbow)

From a wealthy cul-de-sac in Hillsborough, California to a dusty village in Central Mexico, Tio Jorge gives us an emotional portrait of a young woman who cannot move forward until she silences the ghosts of her tragic childhood. Heartened by the love and warmth of her Mexican relatives, she has the courage to confront her mother’s family and seek justice for the man who had been her father’s secret lover.

ISBN: 061562023X Fallen Bros Press 311 pages $14.95

Kindle Available

Rain by Guillermo Bosch (Politics/Erotica)

A thrilling erotic, allegorical, political fairytale which tells of one man's attempt to save a world on the eve of destruction. Sold thousands in first Masquerade print edition. Now check out this Reissue from Fallen Bros.

ISBN-13: 978-0615551944 Fallen Bros Press 204 pages $9.95

The Triple by Mary Hardcastle (New Adult Fiction)

Run away and join the circus of the 1930’s and get lost in the story of a young woman who searches for her soul and for the one man who truly knows her heart. Sepia, a young trapeze artist, performs amazing feats in the air, but is like a frightened bird on the ground. When she and her abusive father join a new show, she meets Anastasia, the Queen of Circus, and her son, Cole, a handsome but reckless gigolo. As Cole triggers Sepia’s desire for love, the triple back somersault on the flying trapeze becomes her path to stardom and independence. But a terrible accident and the discovery of a dark past thrust her from the only life she has ever known into the gangster underworld of Chicago. Only instinct and strength can save her as she chooses people, both good and evil, who can aid her road to redemption.

ISBN-13: 978-0692594131 Fallen Bros Press 346 pages  $12.55


Migizi by Guillermo Bosch (Poetry/Politics)

An experimental, anti-epic, long-form poem. The hero is a mythical Amerindian warrior caught in the turmoil of Afghanistan who, traumatized, murders indiscriminately, but in the end, he atones for his sins by sacrificing his life for an innocent boy.

ISBN-13: 978-0615763118 Fallen Bros Press 102 pages $9.95